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French Roast

These beautiful kitchen worktops in Tristone French Roast was located near Edinburgh.  When the client first stopped into our showroom they were looking for information on the product’s hygienic composite and durability.  Tristone is a non-porous material that is fabricated with seamless joints so bacteria, dirt, and germs can’t permeate between seams or the surface.  Durability is composed of an acrylic solid surface that is non-toxic, resistant to heat, moisture, and bacteria.


Next, we discussed the wide range of colours available and narrowed it down to French Roast.  This product contains small specks of browns, beige, white and black speckles throughout the surface for a lovely combination.  We discussed the shape and sizes of the countertops as the client brought in drawings of the large radius corners they were looking to have installed.  Lastly, after the client was happy with the prices we discussed a timeframe to template and install worktops as the client planned ahead a few months before their kitchen renovations began.

Once the kitchen renovations began the client contacted Worktop Solutions to schedule the template fitting.  As we were templating the large internal radius corners the client asked if they could have LED lighting installed on the underside to give this a ribbon light effect around the worktops.  Many clients have asked for this LED light effect as it gives a glow of light around the worktop to define the silhouette and becomes a practical use to opening your drawers.  We confirmed this was not an issue to be added to the job. Installation was scheduled for two weeks after we began fabrication in the workshop.

During the fabrication period, the large internal corners were created by thermoforming the Tristone.  This means that the acrylic is heated to make it pliable and can be moulded or bent to create curves and unique shapes as desired.  Thermoforming can be tricky as the surface needs to be evenly heated to prevent uneven shapes, surface markings, uneven edges, raised or cracking in corners.

The installation went smoothly and the client was extremely delighted with the quality of work.   They are looking into having their bathroom vanity tops completed in the near future.

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