Commercial Solid Surface

Glen Coe Information Centre

Glencoe Visitor’s Centre: Bespoke cafe serving counter and customer sales desk.


George at Worktop Solutions was first contacted by Barbour shopfitters, sent over drawings and asked to price up to two aspects of the job for the Glenn Coe Information Center.

One was a server counter in the café. The material used for this was Corian Venaro White. This colour/ pattern is veined which brings its own challenge’s with fabrication because you we has to match and follow the pattern with each sheet that is used so the client wouldn’t see the joints and give a seamless flow.

The server counter was completely covered in Corian with thermal forming.  Thermal forming is the process of heating and shaping the Corian to the desired shape. Three and a half sheets were used to make the café counter.
It took three days to fabricate the front and back servery and one day to install.
During installation, we worked hand in hand with the other trades on-site for a smooth install.
The Sales desk in the front shop was the other aspect of this job.  The material used for the sales desk was 15 sheets of 9mm Hi-Macs Arctic White.  Although a solid white colour was used the challenge for this job was not the pattern but the shape and design of the counter from the client.

There was a lot of thermal forming as a result of the curved aspect in the shape of this counter. During the thermal forming process each sheet has to be heated in an oven to make it pliable.  Once it is at the stage of flexibility we take it from the oven and put it onto a mould which is then clammed until the cooling process is complete.

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